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  • 25 March 2007

    To: Bob Moore  President Maple Leaf Golf and Country Club.

    The Billiard Club has met with Mr. Bradley and presented its research and comments on what it considers a viable option for the establishment of a practical billiard facility. The proposal considered current space options, locations and as well costs. It is our understanding that Mr. Bradley will place this item on the upcoming workshop agenda. As this is likely the last workshop meeting until the fall, the Club felt it was imperative that it respond with its viewpoint on a number of remarks and actions surrounding the process. As we cannot be in attendance, we must communicate through this letter.

    First, the Club does not fully understand what went wrong with the post Charlie planning process. Only the Billiard Club was left out of the reconstruction process. All other affected Clubs were expeditiously restored, to proper operation, at significant expense.

    The Club has answered questions on the need for four tables. However, the perception that the Queensway was a fully operational facility, but the Can-Am was not, has spawned the idea that the Club can operate with three tables. It must be noted that the 2003-04 Board had determined that the Club should be upgraded to six tables at the Queensway, for which construction had already started. Subsequent to Charlie, this Board and the previous Board had agreed with Club petitions that a four table facility was the correct configuration, consistent with the Club’s situation prior to Charlie.

    On each occasion, the implementation of this configuration failed, when impeded with a decision on space, or the probability of a construction cost. This immediately resulted in a solution that reduced the number of tables, or produced a facility that housed equipment, but could not accommodate the persons using the facility. Consequently the Club had to repetition the Board for a resolution.

    Remarks have been made that the Club should be patient, pending the outcome of the Asset Management report on space use at the Can-Am. We feel the Club has been more than patient. The Club has already waited three years for the restoration of a proper billiard facility. It should be unacceptable, to expect the Club to wait at least another 2 years, at a minimum, while undertaking a complex study that decides all space issues for the Can-Am. We feel the current proposal for the removal of the structural wall at the library would not be a serious conflict with future space decisions, or a very expensive decision, relative to the overall remodeling of the Can-Am if this feature was reversed.

    The Club has sought a number of engineering opinions on the removal of the library wall. The consensus was that the wall can be removed at a very reasonable cost, when compared to expenditures required to restore other club facilities. One unknown is the impact Charlotte County permitting may have, with respect to hurricane codes and the impact it may have with regards to the whole Can-Am building. Our present belief is that
    there should be no impact, given that the cost of the modification is insignificant with respect to the entire building, such that the codes would not be applied. Mr. Bradley has agreed to consult Mr. Rowan, as to his opinion on this matter, which should be presented at the workshop. In any event, the Club would like to see the Board approve a contracted engineering report that documents the costs and constraints to remove this wall.

    Comments have been made that the Club bear some of the costs for the establishment of the facility. We are unaware of any other Club paying for the capital portion of their facility. Although many Clubs have given sizeable donations to the Corporation, in appreciation, the donations are only a fraction of the construction costs, and often do not cover the every day costs of their operation. As in the past, the Billiard Club is willing to maintain and upgrade equipment and tables after initial placement. Again if the Club has a monetary surplus, it would be willing to provide funds to the Corporation.

    It should be recorded that the Preferred Option for a billiard facility at the Can-Am as presented to Mr. Bradley would provide a suitable facility that would not require further Board consideration, other than incorporation in any long term planning strategy, specifically if Club membership exceeds 150.

    The Club hopes that this information and Mr. Bradley’s input at this meeting can produce a decision that would result in a functional four table billiard facility that is ready for use by next November.

    Respectfully submitted

    Michael Comba President MLBC

    CC: Billiard Club Executive.

    Jim MacLean Ed McLachlan Randy Wentworth Vic Mizzi