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    Channel 195 communications policy does not permit any advertising, primary or secondary, paid or unpaid, on the Station which benefits interests outside or inside the Park. The Station may not air programming from any outside feeds from cable, satellite or over-the-air stations. Canadian news feeds are exempted.

    Rules and Instructions

    Each Club or Organization shall use one contact. Example: Arts & Crafts, not each class; or Shuffleboard, not each team.

    The Station will not air: Call Me, Lost, Found, Missing, For Sale, For Rent, Thank You, Trade Names, Resident Names.

    Announcements will be on air for 7 days, unless there is a change in the copy, or the function date precedes the off date. Longer air time can be had simply by re-submitting another announcement. Only one announcement at a time. No time limit on announcements by the Corporation or existing grand fathered announcements.

    Do not use this form for Death or Memorial Notices. They must be approved by, and come from, the Office. Death notices are on air for 5 days. Memorial notices are on air one time for 5 days prior to the event.

    Email requests once received will be aired the following day. The Station is not staffed on Sunday or Holidays.

    Begin to type your request IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the box below. 200 key strokes are allowed, the same as on the grid on the paper announcement. A separate small box shows the key strokes remaining once you begin to type. Keep copy brief and to-the-point. The Station reserves the right to edit or refuse all copy.


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